IsaKids Super Smoothie

IsaKids® Super Smoothie provides the right amount of nutrition kids need to help them grow. Kids love the taste, and parents love the nutrition. This snack is a triumph for moms, dads, and caregivers everywhere.

  • Great for a balanced start, an after-school boost, or anytime nutrition. 
  • Created with undenatured whey and milk protein.
  • Packed with essential amino acids and 10 grams of protein sourced from grass-fed cows not treated with hormones or routine antibiotics.
  • Choose from two options: Strawberry Blast or Ice Cream Cookie Crunch Flavor.
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4.5 Of 5 By 58 Users
April 25,2021
Gina s

Originally bought the ice cream and my daughter didn’t like it. Called customer service and exchanged for strawberry. I kid it with a banana and my daughter loves it!! Strawberry is the way to go!!

November 23,2020
Bertha Rios

My grandkids really loves these two shakes! I love them because it gives them the nutrition they need even if they don't want to eat.

May 20,2020
Jaemi Phelan

My 11-year-old daughter does not care for most need. She is also an athlete, so I worry about her getting enough protein. She loves these shakes so much that I have had to restrict her to no more than two per day! We’ve tried several other shakes and Isagenix are the only ones she likes! The flavor is amazing!

May 05,2020
Natasha Liu

My daughter loves this shake! She asks me for it, then for seconds, then asks again for lunch! I only give her one serving a day, but I swear it’s all she’d eat if I’d let her haha

April 27,2020
Trisha Kubasek

My Kid's Let be these Smoothies!! I also Love them! I Love knowing that my kids are getting something high quality and their vitamins and minerals they need,plus protien!!!

Thank you Isagenix for making a Awesome smoothie for kids♥️🙏

April 05,2020

My kids aren’t crazy about it but I love it so it’s definitely not going to waste lol

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